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I am Mara and I was born in Barcelona in 1993. I was brought up avoiding the sun but not the sea, that was my playground. The other thing I was brought up with was a love and respect for Spanish food, it was the heart of our home and my mum ruled her kitchen. Everything was sourced and chosen with the greatest of care. I came to expect that was the norm.

I went to University and when I graduated I have an unknown desire to come to Scotland and particularly Edinburgh. I don’t know why, the mist, the rain, I soon very quickly discovered it was the people, so polite, so friendly. I was really fortunate through a family friend to get a job in one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants owned by a young passionate brilliant chef.

I did the usual newcomers journey in flats, Leith, Stockbridge, Old Town, West End, all great experiences but I was inexplicably homesick, so a trip home was required. It didn’t feel joy flying into BCN, 3 hours later I discovered what exactly was missing, my mum, Mara’s food. It was uplifting, it was joyous. Two weeks later I longed to return to what I thought was my Edinburgh (with 20 kilos of my mums food) this I shared with friends some of them were Chefs and well let’s say silent when they eat the food. I ask, Was there a problem? No, we just wish we could cook like this.

So here it is CasaMara Restaurant. I have three hopes, you like it, my mum likes it, the third hope for now will remain a secret. So please enjoy CasaMara. I don’t claim to be the best cook in the world, I don’t even claim to be the best cook in Eyre place, but my mum well…let’s see.

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