La Carta

Per començar

To start with

Pa amb tomàquet
Warm bread with tomato and garlic

Llom ibèric
Cured pork loin. The finnest cut served
with warm bread

Pernil ibèric
Iberian ham with bread

Selecció d’olives
Selection of olives

Assortit de formatges
Assorted cheeses from Spain

Assortit d’embotits
Specially selected chorizo, salchichón
and lomo served with bread

Mara’s selection (for two people)
Sharing all of the above (in smaller amounts)

Primers plats


Calamars farcits
Squid filled with prawns, squid,
egg and almonds

Potato and cabbage cake with
Iberian ham on top

Musclos en salsa marinera
Mussels with peppers, onions,
almonds and parsley

Truita de patates
Potato tortilla

Empanada de porc
Pork empanada with tomato sauce

Chipirones a la andalusa
Baby squid dipped in egg and breadcrumbs

Pebrotets farcits de verdures
Roasted baby peppers stuffed with vegetables

Croquetes de la Mara
Chicken or ham croquetes
with wilted leaves


Main courses

Rap al ajillo
Monkfish, prawns, garlic and a hint of chilli

Galtes i peus de porc
Slow cooked pig’s cheeks and trotters in white
wine, tomatos and onions served off the bone

Fideuà amb marisc (for two people)
Short pasta with shellfish and
allioili on the side

Escudella de carn d’olla
Traditional catalan dish made with chicken
meatballs, stock, chickpea and pasta

Mandonguilles amb calamars
Pork and beef meatballs served with squid

Pollastre amb prunes
Chicken casserole with cinnamon,
nutmeg, prunes and brandy

Lluç de mar a la cassola
Casserole of hake with potatoes,
saffron and paprika

Pastís de verdures
Quiche filled with aubergine,
courgette and asparagus

Xai al chilindrón
Casserole of lamb with tomato,
garlic and spicy peppers


Paella style dishes (for two people)

Arroç amb verdures
Made with rice and vegetables

Arroç amb pollastre
Made with rice and chicken

Arroç negre
With squid ink, seafood and shellfish


Side dishes

Amanida de tomàquet
Tomato salad

Amanida verda
Green salad

Pa amb allioli
Slices of bread with allioli

Saltat de verdures
Sautéed vegetables

Puré de patates
Mashed potatoes

Patates graçonetes
Fat chips

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